The PVL Approach

Our value to our clients lies in the development and execution of reliable and long-term energy-saving solutions. These turnkey solutions cover four primary building systems: lighting, micropower, wayfinding, and HVAC systems.

In addition, we guarantee that each client’s energy targets and other sustainability goals are met. If we fall short on our promise and there has been no change to the scope of service, PVL accepts full responsibility and cost to revise the project until all original goals are achieved.

We have the expertise to do it all

  • Site assessment
  • Product sourcing
  • Project design
  • Incentive applications
  • Installation & site management
  • Performance measurement
  • Warranty fulfillment & on-going support

Your project is designed & implemented with


Unbiased Product Selection

We don’t push a specific product to hit a sales target and are not bound to one supplier which limits options. Instead, we are solutions-focused and apply the most suitable mix of products.

Proven Technology

We are constantly monitoring the marketplace for new technologies that will provide long-term value to our clients. Only top quality products that have consistently high performance, North American presence, and a proven record on warranty fulfillment receive our stamp of approval.

Responsive Customer Service

In the event of a problem, we are your advocate. We work to amend the situation quickly with the other involved parties, be it manufacturer, electrical contractor, or other. We also investigate the cause, and where necessary, notify you of site issues and recommendations for preventing reoccurrence.

We take care of expediting warranty fulfillment directly with the manufacturer for all products. We also provide a five-year warranty on non-product service, which covers all installation and other electrical work completed by our electrical contractors during the course of a project.
We’ve worked with clients around the Pacific Northwest over to Central Canada. We offer our services wherever we can, and will accommodate as best we can if you happen to be outside of British Columbia.
We call ourselves “product agnostic” because we’re not a distributor nor do we favour or have sales targets for any one manufacturer or brand. PVL Projects takes your unique environment and selects a combination of products to best suit the purpose and ensure long-term savings.