Whether you’re after LEED® points, minimizing your environmental impact, or simply energy savings, the right micropower technology is a powerful tool and an impressive environmental statement.
PVL works with a variety of small-scale technologies, including vertical-axis wind, rooftop solar, and photovoltaic tubes. Implementing any of these can greatly reduce your reliance on grid power, or even generate enough electricity to sell back to Hydro.
Micropower is an especially attractive opportunity for those looking to harness by-products, such as steam or heat, to replace grid electricity.

Check out the possibilities with micropower!

Do you want to make large reductions in your energy consumption for a sustainability statement, cost cutting, or energy savings? Then there are various technologies to choose from with their own strengths and applications, all of which can provide great results given the right application. PVL Projects will design the right arrangement with the technology best-suited to your needs. Contact us for an easy feasibility assessment and estimate.
The results go as far as you want to take them! 100% electrical independence may not be feasible for everyone depending on your energy consumption and the efficacy of the technology, but micropower generation can help supplement your energy needs enough to prevent your energy bills from climbing into Tier 2 Hydro costs.