Westran Intermodal Ltd.


Westran Intermodal Ltd.

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Surrey & Richmond, British Columbia
CHALLENGE: Energy savings; daylight harvesting.
SAVINGS: 84-86% energy savings; $67,500 per year.
OUTCOME: Customized lighting for optimal facility operation.

Westran Intermodal Ltd. is a well-established, privately-owned freight forwarding company with two locations, Surrey and Richmond. Their core focus is providing road, rail, and container transload and storage services to the forest products industry in British Columbia.

Both facilities feature sheds with at least one open side for plenty of daylight, and yet the existing high pressure sodium and metal halide lights were dim and yellow; not ideal working conditions. There was an enormous opportunity for additional energy savings due to the daylight, so Westran wanted a lighting system that could capitalize on this.

After understanding Westran’s goals and targeted light levels, PVL Projects conducted a walk-through and light audit of the two facilities. Both interior and exterior lighting were completed.

Not only were the light levels attained, but the colour and quality of the light allowed operators to see product loads and site conditions much better. Each Westran facility was able to program the lights to its particular schedule and unique site requirements.

The lighting is much more consistent across the two facilities, and certain areas were customized for the activities and occupancy levels. In Surrey, the drive aisle and loading bay are areas within the overall warehouse. Using coordinated controls, PVL Projects set the drive aisle lighting to illuminate a pathway for forklift traffic, which would dim to 30% after 2 minutes. The loading area dims to 50% after two minutes, due to the high occupancy. The rest of the warehouse dims to 20% after 30 seconds.

In Richmond, the loading area and driving aisles are separate from the warehouse, and conditions prevented the use of the intelligent controlled LED high bays. The loading bay maintains a 250 lux level and driving aisle is over 200 lux. The warehouse dims to 20% after 30 seconds.

Westran’s Surrey and Richmond locations saved 86% and 84% in energy consumption, respectively. This amounted to a total of $49,000 in energy savings, plus an additional $19,000 in maintenance savings.