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Saputo Dairy Products

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Burnaby, British Columbia
CHALLENGE: Design & install an energy-efficient lighting plan for a new storage space
SAVINGS: 70% energy savings over Saputo’s alternative T8 fluorescent lighting; over $4,000 per year
LIGHTING: Achieved target light level of 200 lux; maintenance costs were almost completely eliminated.

Saputo is Canada’s largest producer of dairy products and snack cakes, and one of the top ten dairy processors in the world, with products sold in over 40 countries. Saputo committed to the EnergyStar “Challenge for Industry”, which encourages manufacturing facilities to reduce their energy consumption by at least 10% within 5 years. As part of this program, and in effort to modernize the facility, Saputo trusted PVL Projects to implement the best solution for a 12,000 square foot cold storage space that was being added to the dairy processing facility in Burnaby.

The main priority for Saputo was to maximize their energy savings and to use this as a test area for LED technology that could be applied to the entire facility.

It was also important for this new technology to outperform fluorescents in a cool storage environment, have a food-safe rating, and provide higher light levels.

By completing a custom lighting design, PVL Projects was able to reduce the number of luminaires installed while achieving the desired light level: 33 of the 65-watt LED high bays were installed where 50 of the 133-watt T8 fluorescent high bays were originally specified. The facility’s director of energy and plant manager were both extremely pleased with PVL Projects’ expertise and the project outcome.