Richmond Tennis Club


Richmond Tennis Club

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Richmond, British Columbia
CHALLENGE: Controls, no glare, fixtures adjustable for inside tennis bubble.
SAVINGS: 74% energy savings; $12,500 per year.
OUTCOME: 375-522 lux

The Richmond Tennis Club was formed in the 1960’s and is a private tennis club with nine courts, three of which are converted to an indoor bubble during the winter for year-round play. Richmond Tennis Club shares land with the City of Richmond’s public tennis courts.

The Richmond Tennis Club Board of Directors had been investigating lighting upgrades for their tennis courts to eliminate shadows, reduce glare, and increase the light levels to improve the overall visibility of the ball on the court. The Club was looking to hit an average of 400 lux on playing areas of all courts. The existing lighting on the courts was provided by 1000W metal halide flood lights.

PVL Projects toured the Richmond Tennis Club through the Burkeville public tennis courts, a previous tennis court project completed nearby where 1000W metal halides were replaced with 480W LED fixtures with occupancy sensors and photocells. Controls were a large draw for the Richmond Tennis Club to maximize their energy savings.

Their new lighting needed to be flexible as it would be rearranged to light the tennis bubble in the winter months. Another priority was preventing light pollution. No light could leak beyond 10 feet past property lines as the Club was surrounded by private residences on three sides. To address this, PVL Projects articulated the new light fixtures after they were initially installed to provide the ideal light cutoff. The new LED fixtures featured a unique, reflected light design to provide glare-free illumination onto the courts. Specific mounting heads were selected to make dismantling and rearranging the fixtures easier inside the tennis bubble. Center courts were hitting a high of 525 lux. Perimeter courts and courts inside the tennis bubble hit an average of 375-400 lux.