Regional Recycling


Regional Recycling

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Richmond & Cloverdale, British Columbia
CHALLENGE: Optimizing daylight energy
SAVINGS: Over $15,000 per year between two facilities
OUTCOME: 84% and 87% reduction in energy consumption

Regional Recycling Ltd. is a one-stop recycling stop where residential and commercial neighbours can drop off everything from paint and chemical containers to large appliances and appliances. There are seven depots within the Lower Mainland, Nanaimo, and Whistler, BC. Staff receive the recyclable goods, then clean and sort the various materials so they can be picked up to be reprocessed and used in new products. All interior and exterior lighting was addressed at both depots.

Regional Recycling wanted to upgrade the lighting at the Richmond location for energy savings, install sensors and capitalize on the large amount of natural daylight from the bay doors and windows. In addition, they were constructing the newest location in Cloverdale, and wanted the newest depot to feature energy-efficient

technology. These LED upgrades would set a new standard in lighting for the remainder of the Regional Recycling depots, which they plan to upgrade as well.

PVL completed a comprehensive audit of the current lighting conditions at the Richmond and Cloverdale sites. Because these facilities are in operation 364 days a year, installation was carefully coordinated to work around staff and keep from disrupting the regular flow of work. Regional Recycling now has energy-efficient lights that operate with wireless controls: occupancy sensors, dimming, and daylight harvesting. A software component tracks the actual energy consumption of each luminaire and provides a comprehensive, real-time view of usage and occupancy patterns. Instant control adjustment allows for easy fine-tuning and more effective energy use.

The Richmond site now consumes just 13% of its previous energy consumption, which amounts to over $10,000 savings per year. The new Cloverdale site consumes just 16% of what it would have had T8 fluorescents been installed, which amounts to $4,000 in savings per year.