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Pacific Metals Recycling International

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Delta, British Columbia
CHALLENGE: Reduce energy usage while increasing light levels
SAVINGS: 77% energy savings; $9,100 per year + O&M savings
LIGHTING: Average light levels increased from 160 lux to 420 lux.

Pacific Metals Recycling International Ltd. is a fourth generation, family-owned company with locations in Delta and Vancouver, BC. Pacific Metals is in the “reduce, reuse, recycle” world. The president wanted to renovate its Delta location.

The main goal was to maximize energy savings and improve the lighting levels.

Pacific Metals needs to be on top of security as scrap metal theft is common. The President wanted to increase the security by increasing the lighting around the building. In addition, 40% of the building space was being used by a tenant that Pacific Metals had rented the space to. It was important to ensure the installation would not interrupt the tenant’s operations and would minimize downtime for Pacific Metals.

PVL first met with the president to establish the company’s goals and priorities. We then provided a comprehensive audit of the facility, identifying areas for lighting improvement and energy savings. PVL recommended a combination of fixture and bulb replacements, sourcing the most appropriate products from various suppliers. Due to the existing lighting design and age of the building and cabling, a number of modifications were also required.