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Pacific BioEnergy

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Prince George, British Columbia
CHALLENGE: Creating an even light spread, reducing glare and achieving energy savings
SAVINGS: 73% energy savings; over $14,500 per year
LIGHTING: All areas were increased to 280 lux; light spread was evened out; the noise of the metal halides was gone and the facility complied with all WorkSafe BC standards.


Pacific BioEnergy has a large pellet processing facility located in Prince George, BC. The existing light was provided primarily by 400-watt metal halide high bays and 250-watt metal halide wall packs that were considered hazardous in this environment due to their lack of explosion proof standards. Explosion-proofing was critical to maintain a safe work environment because of the high amount of particulate in the air that would accumulate on top of the fixtures. There was a high risk of igniting this particulate and causing fire or explosion as the fixtures would overheat significantly due to 24/7 operation time. Pacific BioEnergy was consuming 294,975 kWh per year.


Pacific BioEnergy’s main concern was to update their lighting system with LED explosion-proof technology, because of it’s powerful illumination, yet ultra-low heat creation.


Additional goals included reducing energy usage, providing an even spread of light and addressing areas of poor light level throughout the manufacturing facility.


PVL completed a comprehensive site audit and created an energy reduction plan that would meet these safety and light level needs. Class II Div 1 fixtures with optimal heat dissipation were chosen from multiple LED manufacturers to suit the different areas.

With operations at the facility running around the clock, PVL coordinated with Pacific BioEnergy to install the as many fixtures as possible over three scheduled down days to cause minimal disturbance to the facility operations. Photocell controls were installed on the exterior lighting which would turn off or on automatically in response to the amount of sunlight to achieve even higher energy savings.