Million Air


Million Air

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Richmond, British Columbia
CHALLENGE: Brighter light levels, even distribution; lighting controls.
SAVINGS: 91.2% energy savings; over $42,000 per year.
OUTCOME: No more buzzing ballasts; wireless controls & energy tracking.

Million Air is a franchise of fixed-base operations (FBO) with over 25 locations across North America and the Carribean. Early in 2014, PVL Projects completed Million Air’s Hangar B; the hangar the owners use themselves. It was time to upgrade the remaining hangars. Among these are some high-profile clientele, such as the Jim Pattison Group and Transport Canada’s National Aerial Surveillance Program.

Million Air wanted to upgrade their leased hangars to LED to reduce electrical costs and for the increased lighting quality and enhanced work environment that would please their customers.

Million Air was extremely satisfied with the Hangar B’s LED lighting completed earlier; however, PVL Projects introduced a new lighting system that would save even more energy in this hangar environment using intelligent controls package. The controls are built-in to each fixture and are wireless. In addition to occupancy sensing, Million Air could activate daylight harvesting, which would cause the lights to automatically dim appropriately during the frequent time where the hangar doors are open. Unlike Hangar B, the leased hangars were hitting an average of 300 lux. The new intelligent LEDs exceeded the new 350 lux target, but due to the whiter colour temperature of the light and even distribution, it was decided that the light level could be reduced to 80% and still maintain a bright appearance, satisfying client requirements. This lee-way also allows the lights output to be gradually increased as the LEDs lose their efficiency over the years (This intelligent product has an LM70 rating of 200,000 hours, meaning that the LEDs are only expected to lose 30% of their efficiency after 200,000 hours of operation.)