Lomak Bulk Carriers


Lomak Bulk Carriers

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Prince George, British Columbia
CHALLENGE: Creating an even light spread, reducing glare and achieving energy savings
SAVINGS: 68% energy savings; $7,000 per year, plus additional operation and maintenance savings
LIGHTING: Target light levels and uniform colour temperature achieved

Lomak Bulk Carriers’ headquarters is a 3,500 square foot building located in Prince George, BC. Lomak is a trucking operation that hauls wood chips to and from nearby sawmills and pulpmills. The site contained a main shop, offices, and outdoor trailers and yard lighting. The office consisted of various T8 high-output, T12, and T12 high-output fluorescent tube luminaires, operating 10 hours a day, 5 days a week. The yard consisted of 400W HPS fixtures with trucks coming and going at all hours. PVL built an energy savings solution for the office and outdoor areas. Lomak had already completed a lighting upgrade for the main shop; however, the electrical installer wasn’t aware of BC Hydro’s incentives, so Lomak missed their rebate opportunity.

Lomak was looking to reduce their energy consumption because of the significant utility savings opportunity and turned to PVL Projects to propose a solution that would maximize savings and incentive support.

Lomak wanted their lighting to be a uniform and cooler colour temperature than the existing yellow HPS. They also required an increase in light levels for higher security outside and a better work environment inside.

PVL Projects completed a comprehensive site audit, recording the existing luminaire system and taking extensive light level readings. PVL worked with Lomak’s Operations Manager, Maynard Miller, to identify and recommend key objectives. He was excited to use LED, as he was aware that this advanced technology would provide the most dramatic reduction in energy consumption. PVL recommended the addition of extra lighting by the shop’s fab bench in order to eliminate shadows.