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Kal Tire

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Chilliwack, British Columbia
CHALLENGE: Energy efficient lighting & management system.
SAVINGS: 1,367,494 kWh per year or 91% energy savings.
OUTCOME: Increased light levels from 70 to 240 lux.

Kal Tire is Canada’s largest independent tire dealer serving retail, commercial, and mining sectors, with over 250 locations from BC to Ontario in Canada. Corporate social responsibility is a priority for the BC-based company and they continually look for ways to reduce their operation’s impact on the environment. They do so by considering energy consumption and CO2 analysis in their warehouse facilities.

Kal Tire’s retread and distribution facility in Chilliwack, BC is over 230,000 square feet divided into two parts: a retread plant and a distribution warehouse. The distribution warehouse consists of aisled racking, a loading bay area, and a small office in the front. The retread plant had recently been retrofitted with T5 fluorescent lighting, and Kal Tire wanted the distribution warehouse to have the same light level of 240 lux.

Kal Tire considered Magnetic Induction and LED lighting, but PVL Projects was able to demonstrate the additional energy savings and environmental impact of using LED lighting in conjunction with computerized controls and an energy management system, which has enabled Kal Tire to fine tune light levels and energy savings. The amount of energy being drawn by the lights and the activity levels in all areas of the warehouse are tracked by the software, providing live consumption data.

An ambitious reduction in fixture wattage (replacing 810-watt fixtures with 180-watts) was possible by using special lensing on the fixtures that focused the light down to the floor with less vertical illumination of the racks.

PVL commissioned the controls system so that aisles would go dim after 30 seconds of inactivity. Zones were structured around the predominant activities in the warehouse: picking, loading, and miscellaneous stationary work. Each zone was programmed to dim to 5-25%, dependant on what was suitable for the activity.

PVL surpassed Kal Tire’s 240 lux target even while using a fixture with 78% less power consumption. The wireless control system created an additional 13% in energy savings. Specific zones were configured with a longer timeout before dimming in areas where the tasks were more stationary and could potentially result in lights going dark when someone was still in the area.

Kal Tire is saving 91% of their previous energy consumption, and almost eliminated their maintenance costs. Together, the savings amount to $75,000 per year.