Highland Foundry


Highland Foundry

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Surrey, British Columbia
CHALLENGE: Increase light levels, energy savings

SAVINGS: Energy savings of $37,000 per year, plus additional operation and maintenance savings
LIGHTING: Shadows diminished, light levels increased in critical areas, reduced light count and maintained light levels in the office

The results drew BC Hydro’s attention. Read their story¬†here!

Highland Foundry is located across from Barston Island in Surrey, BC. It operates 19 hours a day, 5 to 6 days a week. This expansive facility houses large volumes of equipment in a variety of functional areas, which require significant, directed lighting.

When Foundry management looked to reduce energy consumption, they determined that furnace and oven replacement was not feasible and that available heat recovery solutions were not cost-effective for them. Replacing current lighting with high-efficiency LEDs and controls was the best means to reach their energy savings objectives.

Lighting quality and dispersion impacts productivity and rework rates. Highland asked PVL to consider adjusting lighting levels and angles to improve productivity and safety, while still meeting energy savings targets. In addition, installation had to be completed with minimal-to-no disruption to operations.


PVL completed a comprehensive site audit of existing luminaires and light levels, incorporating end user concerns and management input. In addition to the audit recommendations, PVL provided a detailed timeline and implementation plan, which were reviewed with the BC Hydro Account Representative. PVL then sourced appropriate energy-saving products, including fixtures and controls from various suppliers, completed due diligence on and engaged a BC Power Smart Alliance approved electrical contractor; and managed the entire execution of the upgrade.

Certain areas required adjustments to lighting position and colour to meet project goals. Contractor schedules were modified to work around production activity where product adjustment caused extended lead times. In addition, PVL managed the process within agreed budgets.

In the main and general areas of the production floors, existing light levels were maintained at 36 inches above the floor. In the grinding/inspection areas the light levels were increased and shadows minimized by altering the placement of the new LED replacement fixtures. Light levels in the administration office were maintained or increased by retrofitting every three-lamp fluorescent fixture with two LED lamps. PVL installed a warm white LED tube colour in this area to create a warmer, more appropriate light as desired by staff.