Coastal Pacific Xpress


Coastal Pacific Xpress

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Surrey, British Columbia
CHALLENGE: Energy efficient lighting & management system.
SAVINGS: 444,603 kWh and $45,718 in energy & maintenance.
OUTCOME: 350 lux average; 400 lux in the coolers & freezers.

Coastal Pacific Xpress is a leading Western Canadian trucking company based in Surrey, BC, and provides flexible, tailored solutions for temperature-controlled transportation and just-in-time overnight deliveries. Founded in 1986, CPx rapidly grew to a fleet that now includes over 350 trucks and 750 trailers.

CPx’s head office in Surrey included a 90,000 square foot warehouse which was comprised of two coolers, two freezers, two warehouse office spaces, racked aisles and staging and loading areas. The whole facility and offices spaces were being upgraded. Their operation runs 17 hours, Monday through Friday, and 11 hours on Saturdays. The existing metal halide lighting provided a range from 100 to 300+ lux.

PVL Projects conducted a walk-through and light audit of the facility to review the existing lighting conditions, discuss CPx’s project goals, and identify areas to improve or adjust the existing design for more effective lighting in each area.

LED was perfect for this cold-storage location, since their efficacy improves in lower temperatures. Their lack of heat production relieves the refrigeration units of the need to combat exothermic HID lighting. In the warehouse office areas with fluorescent fixtures, PVL Project did a plug-and-play LED solution. PVL carried this plug-and-play solution into the head office where all fixtures were retrofitted with LED tubes that produce the same colour lighting as natural sunlight.

“Our existing refrigerated warehouse lighting was inadequate from age and the effect of the cold environment. We also wanted to alleviate the frequent relamping and the extra HVAC costs associated with the heat produced from the old-style bulbs. PVL Projects’ turnkey was a perfect solution, because it assured us we were getting the best lighting system possible. Their coordination saved us from tying up valuable time and resources, and we were able to keep focused on our business. I am thoroughly impressed with the results: whiteboards appear white instead of yellow, we’re saving $45,000 annually, and the capabilities of the software and controls allow us to maximize the lighting to further reduce our energy consumption while giving us a much improved working environment.” – Kevin Johnson, Vice President