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CDS Transport

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Vancouver, British Columbia
CHALLENGE: Wireless lighting and control system; 190 lux.
SAVINGS: $78,700 per year in energy and maintenance.
OUTCOME: 190+ lux level and 92% energy savings.

CDS Transport is a “one-stop shop” for supply chains and offers multi-temperature storage, transloading, pick and pack, crossdocking, customs brokerage and other value-added services. CDS specializes in ambient, refrigerated, and frozen warehouse and distribution services for food and beverage. Their head office and warehouse facility is in Richmond, BC, just minutes from the airport, border, and ocean port.

CDS has a busy facility: 300,000 square feet of multi-temperature warehousing spread over two buildings and operating around the clock. As such, it was distruptive having to re-lamp and re-ballast fixtures that were continuously going out. CDS was spending almost $15,000 annually on labour and replacement parts. The interior and exterior of both buildings were being upgraded, and CDS wanted to increase their interior light levels to 190 lux. It was of upmost importance that the installation be carefully staged to prevent any disruption to their regular operations.

A small section of the facility had been tested with regular LED fixtures. CDS wanted to match those resulting light levels, but wanted to utilize lighting controls for greater energy savings. For example, daylight harvesting would capitalize on the number of large skylights. In addition to the energy savings on their lighting, CDS recognized there was potential to save on refrigeration costs by upgrading to LED. LED does not produce heat like their existing high-intensity discharge and fluorescent lighting and; therefore, would put less stress on their refrigeration units.

Light levels were increased to a minimum of 190 lux, improving visibility and safety for employees. The new LED lighting was installed with a wireless energy management and control system that will track occupancy patterns throughout the facility via the sensors embedded in each light fixture. This information will allow CDS to determine the best placement of goods for efficient picking and sorting, identification of high traffic areas to relieve bottlenecks, as well as tracking energy consumption and lighting system performance.

Overall, the lighting upgrade has reduced CDS’s energy consumption by 92%, saving CDS almost $80,000 per year in energy and maintenance savings.