Burkeville Tennis Courts


Burkeville Tennis Courts

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(City of Richmond) Richmond, British Columbia
CHALLENGE: Creating an even light spread, reducing glare and achieving energy savings
SAVINGS: 66% energy savings
LIGHTING: All goals achieved; over 200% more light and added motion detectors.

The Burkeville tennis courts are a small tennis facility owned by the City of Richmond and nestled in the middle of a neighbourhood park. The two courts were lit by twelve 1000-watt metal halide flood lights that produced unwanted glare into the surrounding houses, were too dim on the courts (181 lux), created an uneven spread of light, and produced a loud ambient buzz. The lights were set up with a timer and photocell sensors.


The City’s goal for the project was to replace all twelve existing 1000-watt fixtures with LED technology to show that LED could better fulfill the requirements for an outdoor sport application, whether for recreational or professional athletes.


Other goals included creating an even spread of light and increasing the light level to meet the international standard of 323 lux for professional tennis courts, while simultaneously reducing energy usage. Glare reduction was also of importance; both for court users and in consideration of the houses in close proximity to the facility.


PVL completed a comprehensive site assessment and worked with a cutting-edge LED manufacturer to design a luminaire that would meet the needs of outdoor activity areas. Two fixtures resulted: one that met the international standard for professional courts and a second with a more moderate, but site-appropriate, level of 215 lux; the minimum brightness for a safe work and activity environment. The fixtures were designed with narrow, multi-beam forming technology to reduce glare for the houses surrounding the tennis courts. This fixture replaced six of the existing fixtures. The City of Richmond Energy Manager sourced the fixtures for the second court for comparison. PVL installed and commissioned all twelve fixtures and added occupancy sensors for both courts.