BC Lottery Corporation


BC Lottery Corporation

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Burnaby, British Columbia
CHALLENGE: Maximum energy savings through LED MR & Par bulb retrofits
SAVINGS: Over 60% energy savings
OUTCOME: More natural and consistent lighting; brighter work space

British Columbia Lottery Corporation is a Crown corporation that has managed and operated lotteries, casinos, community, and e-gaming services within the province for the past 25 years. Their marketing and sales head office is located in Burnaby, BC, and is also the destination where winners come to claim their prizes. The interior of the office has been designed to enhance this experience, embodying BCLC’s strong branding and representing “fair and fun” entertainment.

BCLC wanted to convert their existing bulbs to a LEED-certified alternative. It was important to conduct installation with minimal disruption to the daily operation of the office, particularly in the high-traffic meeting areas.

PVL Projects conducted a detailed site audit and worked closely with a LEED-certified engineer to ensure that all BCLC’s stringent performance standards were adhered to. Halogen potlights throughout the office were replaced with lower wattage LED luminaires that were virtually maintenance free and provided brighter, whiter light for better working conditions and colour rendering for artistic elements of the office, such as the “number installations” against feature walls. LED lighting better highlights the playful office installations and makes the bright colours pop. In addition, these LEED-certified bulbs require virtually no maintenance compared to the halogen bulbs that are notorious for frequent burnouts.