BC Hydro-tower aka

BC Hydro Power Smart

Reducing energy use is a high priority for BC Hydro. It’s why BC Hydro offers support for commercial, industrial and municipal lighting and energy-efficiency projects across BC through its Power Smart incentive programs.

PVL Projects is proud to be a BC Hydro Power Smart Alliance Silver member because of our expertise in the design and implementation of energy-saving solutions.

As a Power Smart Alliance partner, we:

  • Identify the appropriate program
  • Apply best-practice technologies to maximize energy savings for a favourable incentive
  • Ensure the best lighting solution that complies with all codes, certification, and safety requirements
  • Complete workbooks and any required application paperwork
  • Act as an advocate for the client
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Learn more about the Power Smart Alliance.

Power Smart Alliance Members have been vetted for their reliability and expertise by BC Hydro. Membership status can only be maintained by earning annual credits through continuous industry education. One of BC Hydro’s incentive requirements is that you work with a registered Alliance Member, but it is highly recommended you partner with an Alliance Member for any energy saving project. These are the people that know the incentive requirements in British Columbia, what products work well, and what will get you the best results.
PVL is intimately familiar with the incentive requirements in British Columbia, and we work with the utility company until your application has been processed to prevent red tape delays.
Serviced by FortisBC or located outside of BC? We will build and submit your application to the applicable utility body that provides incentives.